Good morning degens! Last night we won on our lone NCAA college football pick as the Kansas Jayhawks cruised to an easy win and also cashed our top MLB pick on the Toronto Blue Jays also, I just want to note drafts favorite underdog of the day is now to now 2-0 since i started doing it, our underdog the tb rays cashed for us last night. 

This is not the official betting guide of the day and it’s going to be a little sloppy because I’m forced to do it on my cell phone speech to text but I still wanted to get some thing out to folks for the early NCAA college football games and don’t worry there will be an official betting guide for MLB and NCAAF so let’s make some money shall we?

Coach, primetime, Deion, sanders, qb Shedeur Sanders, and two way superstar Travis Hunter showed the world last week that they are the real motherf*** deal! Quarterback sanders threw for over 500 yards scoring four touchdowns and throwing zero interceptions this is Colorado’s home opener. I don’t think the odds makers or the public really understand how good this Colorado team is. Deion brought in his own great players and he also brought in some incredible pieces to add to the coaching staff. Including offensive coordinator. Sean Lewis, and defensive coordinator, Charles Kelly. Deion Sanders may not be your traditional coach, but he has these boys playing at an extremely high level one angle I had not thought of before that our good   Friend and degen member stupidhumor pointed out to me just the fact that he is who he is that he’s the great NFL player Deion Sanders these kids are going to play their hearts out for him and in college athletics. Motivation is everything and I mean everything. Yes, some late money has come in on the Nebraska side pushing the line down to -2.5 some people say that’s “sharp money“ I say it’s a gift. Some other sports analysts think just because a whole bunch of money is coming in on one side that is supposedly these Vegas sharps throwing down tons of money that’s not necessarily the case there are plenty of idiots with lots of money to make big wagers and it’s probably a lot of Nebraska fans that are driving the line down. They have a huge fan base . For me Colorado past the eye test and Nebraska’s QB, Jeff Simms, who transferred from Georgia Tech, is not  all that good. He threw a few picks last week. There will. Be a time when Colorado loses but it’s not gonna be in their home opener against Nebraska. I am on Colorado to win on the money line or against the spread at -2.5 do not play at three or higher. 

Draftdis favorite NCAAF parlay for early slate 

Notre Dame ML + Utah, ML+ Kansas State ML

Good luck today boys and girls and look for our official betting guide which will be released later today it will include MLB and NCAAF picks. Tomorrow we are going to have a monster day for NFL week one!

All my best DraftDis